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DownLoad Free Music,Movies,Books,Manga,Anime,Doujinshi And More!

Welcome To download_dump!This is a place where i will be posting all
my downloads.i will be posting music,movies,books,anime,manga,doujinshi's
and more!Everything will be open to everyone,all i ask is to read the rules
and download and have fun!

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1.When you download somthing,you MUST comment.why?i like to know
what people like more,and it makes me feel glad that i had something
people liked.
2.Do NOT Reupload/or give the link to anyone else and act like its yours.
That is called LEECHING!! That is a big no,so just tell them to come
here so they can get it! :)
3.No Drama!If you have a problem,notify me and ill take care of it!
4.Manners go a long way,use them! ^^
5.Do not Hotlink any of the images i post,i can give you places to
download them.Just ask!^_^

_____Would you like to request something?
___________or do you have something you would like to share?
_________________Then fill out these forms,and comment Here!

Requesting People-
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People Who Have Helped Upload-
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download_dump does not claim that anything we offer is our own!
All work is the from the artist themselves,and we no way shape or form
say we made it.After you have downloaded and kept it over 24 hours,it is
your responsibility if you have it.It's illegal if you mean to distribute
it for commercial purposes. If anyone downloads this and then tried to
sell it,that's illegal. Typing it up and offering it to others for their
personal use is legal.I always suggest if you download something,enjoy it
then PLEAS go buy it in person!it makes the people more money
so they can make more of it and it helps me bring more stuff to you :)
If you have any regards please address them to me in email or in comments.

If you would like to be one,please comment Here!We will accept you always!

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Next Artist Of The Month Poll:September 1st,2007!

Artist of The Month Is Shop Boyz!
Famous in 2007 for there song "Party Like A Rock Star" That Hit Big!To Look about them,and Download There Music look Here!

Next Movie/Show Of The Month Poll:September 1st,2007!

Movie/Show of The Month Is Ouran High School Host Club By Bisco Hatori!
A Hit Manga and Hit anime,this series has not gone unnoticed!To Veiw Episodes And Manga's Please Look Here!(Coming Soon!)

Next Book Of The Month Poll:September 1st,2007!

Book of The Month Is Twilight/New Moon By Stephanie Meyer!
A #1 Must Read About Vampires And Humans Today,A MUST READ! This Book Deserves this Spot!To Read one of these Tantalizing storys,please look Here!

If You have any problems,suggestions or questions feel free to contact me!


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